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I failed miserably

I didn't really tape my little posters all over the mall like I wanted to, partly because I was stuck with Nisha's mom, and I'm not sure if she'd approve of me disrespecting public proprety. But I did tape at least ONE up in a bathroom stall which was all I promised myself to do. I might try to call the manager of Wet Seal but now I'm scared, I might just type up a nice letter and send it by snail mail to Wet Seal so I don't actually have to voice my opinion. I'm am very timid and shy and pathetic.
On the bright side, I got emo glasses and a really dumb dress at the mall today. Wait a minute, THERE IS NO BRIGHTSIDE! *sigh* I think I'm going to end up wearing the dress my mom got at Ross. It's actually really pretty despite the poofy part.
AND I HATE BEING VAIN but this dude at Hot Topic gave me $10.50 in change when he was supposed to give me $10.01. I know he was probably just spacing and not hitting on me but you know what IT'S ALL I'VE GOT SO LEAVE ME ALONE.
I'm pretty sure that's all I have to say. I'm really tired so please forgive me if I forgot something. Oh wait one last thing.... WHOOO WORSHIP SATAN!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. I actually don't believe in the Devil, it's just the right-wing Christians are pissing me off and it's pushing me to my athiest limits

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