andromeda428 (andromeda428) wrote,


Wow my first entry...

Okay, so here was my day: Awoken by my mother, get dressed for hair appointment, have time before hair appointment so I check my email, get an email from Peta2 asking me to confront my local Wet Seal manager about using rabbit fur for their clothing, deleted email, get my hair dyed brown, come back home, attempt a nap, diana calls, I also talk to nisha on the phone, attempt another nap, end up trying on my winter formal dress on again to make sure I can dance in it, eat dinner, take a nap, end up being restless, come downstairs and get one the computer, play halo, get bored of halo and watch Jon Stewart, get back on computer after TV bores me, decide to visit, decide to print out leaflets against wet seal, WILL TAPE UP AT MALL TOMORROW, maybe call manager as well, yes I am desperate for something to do.

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