January 29th, 2005



Word of the Day: incest

I have a lot of homework this weekend so I don't think I'll be doing anything worth posting in my journal. But I'll try posting again Sunday so I don't feel guilty.

I wanted to go see Phantom of the Opera but now I feel like staying home all weekend... I have so much homework I can't waste two precious hours to see a movie. But of course I don't mind wasting two hours on the computer, but you know how it goes.

Yesterday I went to a concert. I was so tired at the end I thought I was going to collapse and die. I hate being half-sick. And when the really good band comes up I had to leave. But then when I went to sleep, you see, I dreamt that I saw them perform. So then when I woke up I was all happy and the concert didn't seem so bad after all. It might've not have been worth the $10, but whatever. There were too many weird old people performing. And then other old people that were really, really drunk were scattered all over. Sometimes I wish everyone over 40 was shot. It would be doing them a favor, really. And I wouldn't mind at all when I came to my own forty years of age. It's a win-win.
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