January 28th, 2005



Word of the day: Lucifer

No one has posted any comments on my last couple of posts, and it peeves me. FUCK YOU STUPID PEOPLE YOU DON'T COMMENT ON MY POSTS. :D <--- happy face!

I'm going to a concert tonight, and I have a bad feeling about it. These horrid scenarios keep repeating in my head - like that everyone's going to be really old and I'm just going to be like a little young'n that they all look down upon. What I would give to skip the next five years and then spend five years being 19. That is a beautiful age.

Today was mediocre. Nisha was Nisha, Kalinde was Kalinde, and Barleen was his BASTARD SELF. God I don't understand him at all! He just goes up to me and Nisha and makes awkward small talk. I want to believe that he fancies me or something but then I go home and see my ugly face and I'm like "uh... nevermind".

Also Diana told me a few things the other night and I've tried to keep them out of my head but it's killing me. And besides WHY WOULD YOU ASK ADVICE FROM SOMEONE WHO HASN'T DONE WHAT YOU WANT ADVICE ABOUT? God, people. Where's yo' head at?

That's all I think... yeah... except I have a shit load of homework and that's why I didn't post a journal entry yesterday. But I still love you my wittle computer! *huggles*
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