January 23rd, 2005



Today was rather boring, but I did do some worthwhile things:

I called the manager of Wet Seal. She said that they no longer have fur in the store and it was only for the holiday season. DAMN IT!!! Now I'll have to find something else to protest until next holiday season. Fuck fuck fuck... oh well it was still brave of me to call her and I am very proud of my pathetic self.

I started reading The Vampire Lestat again... I haven't been able to since x-mas break because of finals. I miss my vampires! It's so pretty how she has these men love each other, and I had no idea homosexuality could be so BEAUTIFUL. Anne Rice is so poetic!

I went to a concert tonight with She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, and it was really cool until they started like worshipping god. Stupid... religious... peoples. I really don't have anything against religion, it's just when I'm confronted with it I get defensive and angry. But like I was saying the music was pretty good and I actually LOVED the moshing, unlike She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. But then again she's smaller than I :)
Now I really wanna go to like some Satanic death metal concert so I can cleanse my self of Christianity. I swear on my soul, everytime they said Jesus I just wanted to run around the place screaming "WORSHIP SATAN!!!!". If I wasn't so fucking shy and if those nazi gangstas weren't there I so would've.
Too bad there's no death metal/goth music around here really... or at least if there is any locally I haven't heard of it. Ah well.
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    Closer by Nine Inch Nails (I just like the vulgarity)