Word of the Day: incest

I have a lot of homework this weekend so I don't think I'll be doing anything worth posting in my journal. But I'll try posting again Sunday so I don't feel guilty.

I wanted to go see Phantom of the Opera but now I feel like staying home all weekend... I have so much homework I can't waste two precious hours to see a movie. But of course I don't mind wasting two hours on the computer, but you know how it goes.

Yesterday I went to a concert. I was so tired at the end I thought I was going to collapse and die. I hate being half-sick. And when the really good band comes up I had to leave. But then when I went to sleep, you see, I dreamt that I saw them perform. So then when I woke up I was all happy and the concert didn't seem so bad after all. It might've not have been worth the $10, but whatever. There were too many weird old people performing. And then other old people that were really, really drunk were scattered all over. Sometimes I wish everyone over 40 was shot. It would be doing them a favor, really. And I wouldn't mind at all when I came to my own forty years of age. It's a win-win.
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Word of the day: Lucifer

No one has posted any comments on my last couple of posts, and it peeves me. FUCK YOU STUPID PEOPLE YOU DON'T COMMENT ON MY POSTS. :D <--- happy face!

I'm going to a concert tonight, and I have a bad feeling about it. These horrid scenarios keep repeating in my head - like that everyone's going to be really old and I'm just going to be like a little young'n that they all look down upon. What I would give to skip the next five years and then spend five years being 19. That is a beautiful age.

Today was mediocre. Nisha was Nisha, Kalinde was Kalinde, and Barleen was his BASTARD SELF. God I don't understand him at all! He just goes up to me and Nisha and makes awkward small talk. I want to believe that he fancies me or something but then I go home and see my ugly face and I'm like "uh... nevermind".

Also Diana told me a few things the other night and I've tried to keep them out of my head but it's killing me. And besides WHY WOULD YOU ASK ADVICE FROM SOMEONE WHO HASN'T DONE WHAT YOU WANT ADVICE ABOUT? God, people. Where's yo' head at?

That's all I think... yeah... except I have a shit load of homework and that's why I didn't post a journal entry yesterday. But I still love you my wittle computer! *huggles*
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Staying home


Eh... I'm staying home from school today. And, for the record, I'm not taking the day off for mental health. I woke up to a sour throat and when I got in the shower I got extemely light-headed and I thought I was going to faint. My temperatue was 101, and this is the first time I've had a fever in at least two years.

I think I got it from the concert, because I didn't even leave the house Monday, and I don't think you can develop a cold overnight. So perhaps my feeling of dirtiness and being tainted by the concert wasn't only in my head but also in the rest of my body because I was infected with germs.

Thats all I got to say for now... I feel pretty good at the moment actually and I was going to go back to school at lunch but I didn't want to risk it and get sicker and miss tomorrow as well.
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WORD(s) OF THE DAY: incinerate & paramour


I feel really suicidal... well not suicidal but... I don't know humilated? It's weird like someone says the smallest thing and I can't stop thinking about it... I'm really too sensitive. I wish I would grow up... but god it's so fucking hard... ughhhh. Nevermind I'm ranting and I doubt anyone will have the slightest clue as to what I'm talking about so I'll just shut up right now.

Well today wasn't as bad as I thought, I thought P.E. would slaughter me. It might in the future but at least it didn't today. In art I was a loner but that's okay. People are kinda used to it now... I mean me being a mute and such...

I went to a basketball game and it was boring as fuck. I got orange soda and a donut at Safeway and the sweets have gone to my head... sugar always make me depressed...

Whatever. I'll be good in the morning, and perhaps the rest of the day tomorrow if no one says an ill remark. Like that'll ever happen... ah I think I'm going to go read my dear Q.O.T.D. book. It cheers me up.
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Okay, be a dear and sign these online petitions for animal rights. I'm taking the time to compile this for you, so use it. It only take like 5 seconds to sign each one:

Wet Seal Rabbit Fur:

Newsweek Fur:

Gassing Ferrets:

Shark Abuse:

Poultry Abuse:

KFC Cruelty:

Animal Testing:

Oil Spill:
1. or


Elephant Cruelty:

There... there's a lot more but I'm too tired to post them all. *wipes forehead* Whoo, what a waste of time. Ah well.
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Today was rather boring, but I did do some worthwhile things:

I called the manager of Wet Seal. She said that they no longer have fur in the store and it was only for the holiday season. DAMN IT!!! Now I'll have to find something else to protest until next holiday season. Fuck fuck fuck... oh well it was still brave of me to call her and I am very proud of my pathetic self.

I started reading The Vampire Lestat again... I haven't been able to since x-mas break because of finals. I miss my vampires! It's so pretty how she has these men love each other, and I had no idea homosexuality could be so BEAUTIFUL. Anne Rice is so poetic!

I went to a concert tonight with She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, and it was really cool until they started like worshipping god. Stupid... religious... peoples. I really don't have anything against religion, it's just when I'm confronted with it I get defensive and angry. But like I was saying the music was pretty good and I actually LOVED the moshing, unlike She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. But then again she's smaller than I :)
Now I really wanna go to like some Satanic death metal concert so I can cleanse my self of Christianity. I swear on my soul, everytime they said Jesus I just wanted to run around the place screaming "WORSHIP SATAN!!!!". If I wasn't so fucking shy and if those nazi gangstas weren't there I so would've.
Too bad there's no death metal/goth music around here really... or at least if there is any locally I haven't heard of it. Ah well.
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I failed miserably

I didn't really tape my little posters all over the mall like I wanted to, partly because I was stuck with Nisha's mom, and I'm not sure if she'd approve of me disrespecting public proprety. But I did tape at least ONE up in a bathroom stall which was all I promised myself to do. I might try to call the manager of Wet Seal but now I'm scared, I might just type up a nice letter and send it by snail mail to Wet Seal so I don't actually have to voice my opinion. I'm am very timid and shy and pathetic.
On the bright side, I got emo glasses and a really dumb dress at the mall today. Wait a minute, THERE IS NO BRIGHTSIDE! *sigh* I think I'm going to end up wearing the dress my mom got at Ross. It's actually really pretty despite the poofy part.
AND I HATE BEING VAIN but this dude at Hot Topic gave me $10.50 in change when he was supposed to give me $10.01. I know he was probably just spacing and not hitting on me but you know what IT'S ALL I'VE GOT SO LEAVE ME ALONE.
I'm pretty sure that's all I have to say. I'm really tired so please forgive me if I forgot something. Oh wait one last thing.... WHOOO WORSHIP SATAN!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. I actually don't believe in the Devil, it's just the right-wing Christians are pissing me off and it's pushing me to my athiest limits
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Wow my first entry...

Okay, so here was my day: Awoken by my mother, get dressed for hair appointment, have time before hair appointment so I check my email, get an email from Peta2 asking me to confront my local Wet Seal manager about using rabbit fur for their clothing, deleted email, get my hair dyed brown, come back home, attempt a nap, diana calls, I also talk to nisha on the phone, attempt another nap, end up trying on my winter formal dress on again to make sure I can dance in it, eat dinner, take a nap, end up being restless, come downstairs and get one the computer, play halo, get bored of halo and watch Jon Stewart, get back on computer after TV bores me, decide to visit, decide to print out leaflets against wet seal, WILL TAPE UP AT MALL TOMORROW, maybe call manager as well, yes I am desperate for something to do.